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3D Animation Artist - About Your Host Michael Glans

Experienced Senior Animator and 3d Artist

Senior 3D Animation Artist

My name is Michael Glans. I am an experienced Danish senior 3d animator and 3d artist with a broad and versatile skill-set. I have a strong knowledge of animation and rigging (Maya) and am very experienced in general use of Maya. Skills which help me spot and avoid potential expensive delays in production.

During the last decade I have worked on several large scale productions at well respected animation and visual effects studios in Germany, England and Denmark. My work at these companies consisted of VFX and animated feature films as well as a number of commercials.

Character animation and much more….

While I specialize in 3d character and creature animation, I have an in depth knowledge of many other aspects of computer graphics work, such as rigging, modelling, compositing and much more.

I am constantly working on personal projects in order to learn new things and develop my skills further and I enjoy working with most aspects of CGI, including compositing.


Michael Glans

Senior 3d Animation and 3d Artist


My main objective is to keep developing my skills and create high quality 3d animation and other digital content. My work is usually just a part of a bigger picture and delivering my work in a well organized and timely fashion is extremely important to me.

When tools and organization is taken care of, the real work begins. Creating memorable and entertaining animation is what it is all about. My job as an animator is to fill my assigned shots with humour, soul, surprise and believable movement and to do so in correspondance with  directors and supervisors.


A brief summary of my proffesional characteristics:

• Very dedicated, versatile and fast animator.
• Well organized and reliable.
• Highly self-motivated.
• Work well with colleagues and supervisors towards creating memorable movie and commercial moments.
• Welcoming of direction and feedback.
• A well-established personal production workflow with a good balance between creativity and productivity considerations.
• Planning and project management experience from outside of the animation business is effectively utilized to provide a good structural foundation for delivering shots and well organized Maya files in a timely manner.
• Effective communication across departments based on a broad movie making skill-set.
• Fast application learner.

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