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Cinematic Animation Portfolio

Animator Portfolio

As a professional 3d animator, I have worked on several large scale movie productions for cinema, ranging from 4d amusement park entertainment to Hollywood blockbusters. Please feel free to check out my IMDB profile on my animation and VFX work.

While the vast majority of my 3d animator experience comes from jobs on animated feature films and VFX shows, I have also worked on several commercials. Commercial work often offer the opportunity to work on more than one part of the job which I enjoy. 

I always try to stay current and maintain my technical skills to support my work as an animator. I mainly focus on character modelling, hard surface modelling and rigging. I believe it is extremely helpful to be profecient in more than one area. Those skills have often proven to be extremely helpful throughout my career in computer graphics.

My animation showreels are collages of some of my favorite shots from my work as an animator.